JusBeMe Glass Straw Set

Glass Straw Set

- Washable and reusable.

- Smooth tip design for safer drinking.

- Made of glass, easy to clean and long lasting.

- Suitable for cold and warm drinks. However, do not use for cold and immediately for hot drinks, and vice versa. 

- Use brush that is provided in set to clean the straw.

 Set Includes

1 X 8mm X 180mm Straight Glass Straw

1 X 8mm X 180mm Curve Glass Straw

1 X Cleaning Brush

1 X Cleaning Cloth

1 X 57mm X 210mm Clear Container

*Due to storage and logistics handling, there may be scratches on the container. Please note that we do not accept exchange or returns due to scratches on the container.

Product Care & Caution

For your hygiene, please wash before use.

This product is made of glass. As with all glass products, please do not use if you accidentally break or damage the glass to prevent cuts. 

Please check condition and use with caution especially for children.

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