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Labman Pocket Handy


LM Pocket Handy Nurse Pouch with Quickstraps™ (Trademark design)

LM Pocket Handy pouches feature multiple compartments for your all tools and stationery, with an extra zipper compartment. Quickstraps™ are designed to be versatile and adaptable to your needs. Strap them however you want: as a slot, hook your micropore or name chops or to hang your nurse watch. View our Instagram @Labmedsg for more reviews on this product!

Dimensions of Pouch: Length 14.5cm x Height 15.0cm

Colours: Sky Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Blush Pink, Turquoise, Gray, Peach, Leafy Green, Hyacinth, Sparkly Sand


Please indicate your colour selection in [Order Notes]. You can also whatsapp 9171 4122 directly for your colour preference.


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