Rechargeable Pentorches with encassed lithium cell for long lasting use on 5-minutes quick charge. Our pentorches comes in 2 bulb light colours - Yellow (PERRLA safe with glare filter for pupil dilation test) and WHITE (bright illumination, not for use on eyes). All rechargeable pentorches comes in a protective storage case with charging cable and instruction manual included. Warranty: 6 months

1) YELLOW LIGHT (PERRLA safe, for use on eyes)
Conventional rechargeable medical pentorches that are marked "yellow light" can still be too bright for our delicate irises, especially on a fresh full charge. That is why we've added an additional glare filter to our pentorches to dull extreme spectrums of light. Our yellow lighted rechargeable pentorches are tested by healthcare professionals for safe use on eyes. Engraved with pupil guage and ruler guide for easy reference.

2) WHITE LIGHT (Bright illumination, NOT FOR USE ON EYES)
Medical pentorches in specific specialisations are used not just for sensory reflex but more importantly for illumination of cavities, colour and examinations, such as in OB-GYN, ANE, ENT etc. (e.g., checking redness in URTI, checking wounds). White light rechargeable pentorches are unmarked and comes in a fully stainproof body to avoid confusion with the other version.

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