Easy sanitization, good for use in lab/hospital.

(Approved vendor for nursing requisites. HSA licensed company. More than 10 years serving in the school market.) 

All LM watches are fitted with Seiko PC21S clockwork and original Seiko Seizaiken batteries for a longer-lasting lifespan. This watch stays accurate down to the minute even after 10 years of use! Just keep swapping the batteries when they run out and you are guaranteed savings that last for years!   Warranty: 1 year, including battery life. 

1 Metallic Silver
2 Metallic Black
3 Metallic Rose Gold

E4 Spearmint
E5 Snowflake
E6 Enamel Blue
E7 Enamel Pink
E8 Orchid
E9 Goldfish

10 Silicone Red
11 Silicone Orange
12 Silicone Yellow
13 Silicone Neon
14 Silicone Apple
15 Silicone Sky Blue
16 Silicone Royal Blue
17 Silicone Violet
18 Silicone Plum
19 Silicone Pink
20 Silicone Black
21 Silicone White

Please indicate your selection in [Order Notes]. You can also Whatsapp Labman Medical @ 9171 4122 directly for your color preferences.