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One essential skill all nurses must perfect is taking manual blood pressure readings. That is why this practical skill is among the first to be examined. The trick is in controlling the air release valve, 1mm by 1mm whilst listening in with a stethoscope for the five phases of Korotkoff sounds. These sounds make up the systolic and diastolic of a patient’s blood pressure.

For more information on sphygmomanometer training tips, be sure to read the instruction manual before use as it has been prepared specially by healthcare professionals!
You can also check out our Instagram page for video tips @Labmedsg

2023 New Batch! Highest Grade Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
(Usual Sys/Dys range printed in RED for easy operability and comes in a custom padded pouch for extra protection!)

+ Marked Sys/Dys range for easy operability between 160mmHg to 80mmHg
+ High-accuracy cast iron manometer with precision calibrated.
+ Improved workmanship on nylon cuffs with larger dimensions to accommodate a wider range of arm circumferences. Printed cuff index markings on both sides for easy cuff application.
+ Smooth piston air release valve with direction marker
+ Customised pouch with extra paddings to protect your set when not in used!
+ Warranty: 1 year 1-1 exchange. Additional 2 years parts guarantee.