Labman Complete Nurse Kit

This set has been put together, especially for nursing students. Most value for money bundle in the market!

Approved vendor for nursing requisites. HSA licensed company. More than 10 years serving in the school market.   

LM Complete Nurse Kit includes: 

  • LM Pocket Handy Nurse Pouch (Choose any color, see photos)
  • LM DATE Nurse Watch ( Rose Gold / Black )
  • Aluminum yellow-light Pen Torch, batteries included (Colours available: Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Green)
  • LM Lister Bandage Scissors (5.5” Angled guide tip. For thick bandages)
  • LM Surgical Scissors (4.5” SharpBlunt tip. For general cutting)
  • Zipper PVC Storage packaging
  • Warranty on nurse watch (1 year) and pen torch (6 months)
  • FREE 4-in-1 color pen (whilst stocks last!) 

Please indicate your preferred pouch color, watch color and pentorch color in [Order Notes].

(Default issued will be White pouch straps,  Rose Gold DATE Nurse Watch & Black  Pentorch) 

You can also contact Labman Medical at 9171 4122 (Whatsapp only) for your color preferences.



Order as a group/class of 10 pax or more (You can mix & match with other bundles or items in D studio) and get free engraving on all pen torches!

( Contact Labman Medical directly via 9171 4122 _whatsapp only_ for Order Form / Engraving Template )