Labman Complete Nurse Kit

  LM Pocket Handy with Quickstraps™
  LM Seiko Nurse Watch with DATE FUNCTION
  Aluminum Pentorch, batteries included (any colour)
  LM Scissors (Upgraded to 6" Sharp / Blunt tip)
  Zipper PVC Storage packaging

This set has been put together specially for nursing students and is guaranteed the cheapest in the market. Features the trademarked LM Pocket Handy Pouch with Quickstraps™, Seiko Nurse Watch by LM with upgraded DATE FUNCTION (1-year warranty including battery life and accidental damage), Aluminum pentorch (6 months warranty) and an upgraded 6" nurse utility scissors.

Please indicate your selection of colours for Pouch straps, watch and pentorch in [Order Notes]. By default, GRAY pouch, SILVER date watch and BLACK pentorch will be issued if there is no indication.

Back to school promo Sem 2 (2020)!
All pouches come with free name engraving! (Maximum of 15 characters)
Indicate your name to engrave and strap colour in [Order Notes].