Basic Stethoscopes with external binaurals made of aluminum. A very basic model to get you through assessments. The mesh network covering the chestpiece picks up sound vibrations quite well because of the tight and fibrous weave. Auscultation volume is good, however, aluminium lacks density and is weak with ambient noise reduction. In a noisy ward, the user has to concentrate more to block out background noises. We've upgraded our range of basic stethoscope with noise-cancelling eartips to abate the effects of ambient noise by a bit. 

Do also note to keep the set in a case as aluminium is not as hardy as stainless steel and the external spring is prone to breaking with squashing of the set.

Warranty: 6 months
Colour: Black or Blue
FREE: Sethoscope name tag

Please indicate your preferred colour in [Order Notes] otherwise default black will be issued.

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