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LABMAN DUAL-LIGHT Pentorch (Battery type)

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BATTERY OPERATED TYPE  with basic AAA batteries included free

Slimmer body, More economical range, NOTE: This range cannot be charged. However, with proper care and storage conditions, this range lasts longer than the rechargeable type. 

2-in-1 Medical Pentorch features:

Soft yellow beam (PERRLA-safe, for use on eyes)   AND      Strong white light (for illumination of orifices)

Matt Black Coating - Smooth and Sleek to the touch!   

Printed pupil gauge and ruler guide for pupil dilation reference/approximation of WS

Easy Switch: One button toggles between light sources.

Warranty: 6 months! 

FREE NAME ENGRAVING! Max 20 characters including spacing.

Please input the name to engrave under [Order Notes] otherwise we will ship it blank! You may also contact Labman Medical directly at 91714122 for the name to engrave.