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LABMAN DUAL-LIGHT Pentorch (Rechargeable type)

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USB RECHARGEABLE TYPE  with encased lithium dry cells, magnetised cap sticks to pen clip! 

Charge directly using your powerbank, low amp USB ports, car charger or direct USB sockets! 10 minutes of charging yields about 5 hours of continuous use (about 2 – 3 weeks of normal use!) 

2-in-1 Medical Pentorch features:

Soft yellow beam (PERRLA-safe, for use on eyes)   AND      Strong white light (for illumination of orifices)

Matt Black Coating - Smooth and Sleek to the touch!   

Printed pupil gauge and ruler guide for pupil dilation reference/approximation of WS

Easy Switch: One button toggles between light sources.

Warranty: 6 months! 

FREE NAME ENGRAVING! Max 20 characters including spacing.

Please input the name to engrave under [Order Notes] otherwise we will ship it blank! You may also contact Labman Medical directly at 91714122 for the name to engrave.