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Labman Stethoscopes (Special Edition)

NEW 2020, ROSE GOLD PLATED -all-improved stainless steel stethoscope by Labman Medical (LIMITED EDITION)

Comes in 2 Variations:-
- Rose Gold - BLACK or
- Rose Gold - WHITE

Free custom designed hard case with free name tag and additional spare parts.
FREE Stethoscope Name Tag!

Warranty: 2 years

This is the standard issued stethoscope for nurses and doctors in Singapore. Durable, lightweight and reliable for general auscultation of patients. We've improved a few acoustics features to enhance auscultation quality. Soft sealing snap-on eartips to block out ambient noise with floating diaphragm for vibration sensitivity. Full stainless steel binaurals and dual-bell chestpiece to alternate high and low frequencies.

Each stethoscope has been individually polished with tube protector before stowing in the accompanying utility hard case.