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Labman Wound Care Training Pad

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LAB 1B Essential Item:

This product has been approved for use by lecturers after months of sampling, product trials and brainstorming efforts. This ALL-NEW and all-improved wound training kit made from various grades of silicone includes realistic components such as a pitted synthetic wound and drainage tube with real sutures! Price has been kept low to specifically cater for nursing students. Modules covered in this pad includes:

1)Basic wound care, cleaning and dressing
2) S-T-O (Suture-to-off) procedures with pre-sewn sutures x7
3) Surgical drainage care (simulated drain tube with real drain stiches!)
4) Skin staple removal techniques with affixed staples x6 (More staples and remover tool will be provided for during your lab session)

Best part about this other than realism, is that it can be reused many times over and over again till you no longer feel squeamish!

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